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September 17, 2017

Elementary Class – The Sunday School class is Digging into the Bible this fall, and learning how the Bible CONNECTS us to God, to each other, to history and to the rest of the world.

Last Sunday we looked at books by local authors, and realized that the Bible doesn’t have one person’s name on the front, because it was written by over 40 different authors, over hundreds of years.   Our lesson focused on how God inspired people to tell their stories of God’s presence in their lives.  So, the Bible was written BY people like us, FOR people like us, ABOUT people like us.  We had Bible-shaped cookies and fruit for a snack, and we’re learning some songs about the Bible.  Big thanks to Miss Pam and Miss Jan for leading us in a painted rock project in the Art Room!

We hope all of our Sunday School friends can join us this coming Sunday as we continue to learn more about the Bible and how it came to be.  Bring a friend to join the fun as we gather around a “campfire!”