Jr. / Sr. High Sunday School

With everything that our teens face in today’s world, we feel that it is vital for them to be rooted in their Christian heritage, Biblical truths and prayerful, discerning discipleship.  Teens will explore the fundamental teaching of the Christian faith and how to apply them to their everyday life.  The 6th & 7th grade class meets in our remodeled Youth Room, which is located on the second floor of First Baptist Church.

Grades 6 – 7   LIVE
The students will be discussing the words of Jesus, his teachings, his claims, the lessons he shared with his followers. Students will examine and talk about these words that instruct us to value others, ourselves and our relationship with God.

Grades 8 – 12 

Senior High Dinner & Discussion

We offer six week explorations of particular aspects of Christianity throughout the year at various times.  Most recently we looked into the heart of Jesus and found that,  “the real Jesus is far more fierce, unpredictable, and amazing than our casual and overly broad descriptions of him.”  We take a new look at this man Jesus: his claims, his promises, His truth for our lives.  Monday nights – 6 to 7:30 pm  in the Youth Room.  Keep watching for our next six week series.