9:00 am ~ Traditional Worship Service:   This traditional service of readings from both the Old and New Testament, prayer, and preaching includes various traditional hymns led by our Director of Music and accompanied by our Shantz pipe organ and the First Baptist church choir.  The service begins at 9:00 am.

11:00 am ~ The Gathering  (A Contemporary Service):   This service is a celebration in word and song.  Each week we involve actors, readers, and musicians with their variety of instruments including guitars, keyboard, bass guitar, and drums.  Gathering together in the Meetinghouse each Sunday morning at 11:00, we express our worship through contemporary music, dramatic presentations, prayer, scripture readings, and preaching.

Note:  The first Sunday of each month we hold one service  at 10:00 am.  We gather together as a church to share in communion.

Both services are streamed over the web at http//:www.fbcnlnh.org/Stream.html.

IMG_5388Childcare ~ First Baptist Church  emphasizes choice and flexibility.  Children are always welcome in our worship services.  We do provide child care for parents who wish to attend without their children.   Please be advised that childcare is only provided for infants up to age 5. Older children are encouraged to attend worship with their parents.