Sunday School

adultssThe Adult Sunday School class meets every Sunday during the school year from 10:10 to 10:55 am.  The discussion leader develops questions around one or more of the readings from the services that week.  People who have expressed an interest in the class are sent the verses and questions several days before class.  However, no previous knowledge or information is necessary to attend.  Our goal is that folks feel very comfortable dropping in and joining the conversation. This is a dynamic and interactive class taught not by a single teacher but by the whole class.  We discuss the verses and questions, explore what we don’t understand and discuss what the verses mean to us.  This approach deepens our understanding of the Bible, fosters a desire to learn more, and results in a deeper, faith-based relationship among those in the class and inspires us toward action.  All are welcome.  For more information please contact Steve Allenby ( with any questions.

Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014 Adult Class

Do I know God or know about Him? How much time and effort have you spent these last couple of weeks to seek God out—to try to purposefully listen for his voice or to see His purposes and presence in your life? There will be a time to share any experiences that might encourage the rest of us in our daily walks.

            At our last meeting, it was (almost) unanimously agreed that we, as Christians, have something of a spiritual nature to share with our culture beyond living a loving, charitable lifestyle. I have decided to call this “other” the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or, in other words, our obligation to “evangelize.” To be sure, this can have a lot of definitions, but I challenged each class member to prayerfully think of a person that God might put in your way these two weeks “to evangelize” (it was recognized that this term is rife with cultural negativity). Any experiences to share?

            This week is really a capstone to the last two meetings. Two meetings ago, we discussed a separatists’ view of Christian responsibility, that is the tendency of some Christian groups to live in a fortress lifestyle, almost in contrast to their culture (e.g. Christian schools and colleges, Christian entertainment, Christian athletic leagues). The last time we met we discussed the other extreme (i.e. living only as a “clearinghouse for charities and philanthropy” under a church title). This week, I want to look at a third alternative that I will borrow from author Gabe Lyons called “restorers,” which dovetails nicely with the epithet “being an Easter People.”

            The biblical context that I will be using is all over the place (Genesis 1, Romans 5, John 14—read all three chapters), but I will highlight

1. Genesis and the purpose of human creation

2. What was the “dominion” that was lost by Adam and Eve (and subsequently, all humanity)?

3. What was it that Jesus actually “regained” (i.e. restored) through his death on the cross?

            We’ll cover these biblical points in ten minutes (ahem), and then spend the remainder of the time discussing these questions in terms of our own roles as “restorers” of our culture in contrast to “separatists” or “philanthropists.”   

Genesis chapter 1

1.      What do you think it means to have been “created in the image of God”?

2.      What do you think it means by the God-given edict to “have dominion”?

Romans chapter 5

3.      What do verses 17 and 18 have to do with “evangelism”?

4.      What does the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat have to do with our roles as “restorers” on our culture?

5.      The term “resurrection” requires a death for which something must be brought back to life. What do you think needs to die in order to be enlivened? What does this have to do with “Christian conversion” (i.e. baptism)?

            John chapter 14

6.      In what ways do you think Jesus was a cultural restorer?

7.      Given your individual skill-set, personality, past experiences, hopes and desires, in what specific ways do you think you have been designed to “restore the place of your particular dominion”?

8.      Who, in this class—or in your life, would you like to be accountable to in order to prayerfully pursue and enact this “resurrection lifestyle”?


Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Wednesday morning Bible Study meets each Wednesday morning at 10:00.  Our first priority at Bible study is to expect what we read to transform us.  Our goal is to not only become more familiar with what the Bible says, but to consider how these timeless texts apply to the church and our lives today.  For more information please contact the church office at 526-6511.