Surprised by the Power of the Holy Spirit (Adult class)      by Jack Deere

The greatest detriment to realizing the full power of God’s grace and healing power are the culturally and theologically derived presuppositions that put limits on our

faith in what God can and will do. Are the arguments against spiritual gifts based more on prejudice and lack of experience than on the Bible? Author Jack Deere found 

his life transformed when he became a seeker rather than a skeptic.  It was then that the Holy Spirit was revealed to him in new and surprising ways.

Join Stuart Nutter and his class in this 12-week series meeting at 11:15 following the 10 AM service.  Classes begin on September 16.  Books are available through the Church Office.




How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian: Is God Violent? An Exploration from Genesis to Revelation    (Adult class)       by John Dominic Crossan


Author and scholar John Dominic Crossan grapples with the seeming discrepancy of scripture’s portrayal of a loving God with a vengeful God.  Through examination of the Biblical authors (their background, vision and purpose), Crossan reconciles these contrast perspectives.  Throughout the book, Crossan encourages and challenges his readers to participate in study, in dialogu

e and honest reflection in sharing their certainly and uncertainty, ultimately helping Christians understand scripture in a way that shapes and strengthens their faith.  

Join this book study every other Sunday at 8:30 AM before the 10 AM service.  Classes begin 10/14.  Books are available through the Church Office.


Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible          Preschool Class

Our pre-schoolers will join Michelle in the Nursery for a small lesson and activity centered around the Bible-based video series Buck Denver Asks “What’s in the Bible?”  This series created from the artist and author, Phil Vischer of VeggieTales, is a fast-paced animation with music and an age-appropriate lesson.


 All-In-One Sunday School    Elementary Students

All elementary students are invited to participate in the One Worship service at 10:00 and then be dismissed at 10:20 for a time of Interactive Bible stories, active-learning experiences, and take-home handouts.